Midlands residents hold vigil for Vegas victims and call for change

Midlands residents hold vigil for Vegas victims and call for change

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A moment of silence was held on Saturday at the South Carolina Statehouse in remembrance of victims of gun violence as community members called for change.

"We had the massacre at the church in Charleston and yet still, nothing changed. So it feels like we just keep going through the same process of two walls coming up against each other," Columbia resident, Yvonne Jones explained.

The event was hosted by the group Moms Demand Action. One of the speakers at the rally, Roberta McKelvin, lost her son to a deadly shooting a couple of years ago. His case remains unsolved. Ever since the day she lost her son, McKelvin said she has pushed for justice.

On Saturday, she talked about what she would say to the families of the victims of the Las Vegas massacre.

"I would like to say to them I truly know how they feel. Like I say, it's from the bottom of my heart. It's pain," McKelvin said. "I can understand how they feel for a mother, father, family member to have to get that call of someone telling them that their loved one life is taken, stolen from them. Senseless gun violence. Tears come to my eyes."

Several people in attendance ended up taking signs they made to a busy Gervais street in the hopes that people driving by would see their messages. Messages which ranged from stop gun violence to honoring South Carolina victims who died from gun violence.

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