Imagine a rock-ballet fusion -- it's real, and it's at the Koger - - Columbia, South Carolina

Imagine a rock-ballet fusion -- it's real, and it's at the Koger Center

(Source: WIS) (Source: WIS)

Imagine rock music and ballet on the stage at the Koger Center. It’s happening! Radenko Pavlovich is the artistic director for the Columbia Classical Ballet Company and his dancers are performing Imagine: Ballet Rocks.

It is ballet set to rock music so the company is hoping the new creation will open up their ballet to a larger audience, enticing more people to see the beauty and expertise of this art form through a love of varying styles of music. The audience will enjoy the music of Abba, John Lennon, and ZZ Top. 

The Columbia Classical Ballet Company will perform Ballet Rocks Friday, October 13 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale now ranging in price from 5 to 35 dollars. You can call the Koger Center at 251-2222, or you can purchase tickets online.

This particular ballet performance will entice a wider audience with its fun array of rock music that covers several decades. The dancers will show their stellar ability to go from dancing classical pieces to literally letting their hair down to perform to rock music.

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