It's going to cost $20 million to fix Finlay Park

It's going to cost $20 million to fix Finlay Park

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Some of Columbia's best-known parks need repairs and they will be costly.

A list of unfunded projects to be presented to city council members calls for more than $33 million in upgrades for the Parks and Recreation Department's top five priorities. The list identifies more than a dozen parks, ballfields, and playgrounds.

The department ranks renovations at T.S. Martin Park as its number one priority. The cost for that project is estimated at $775,000.

The department says new gym buildings are needed at Lorick, Martin Luther King and Woodland Parks with each project priced at more than $4 million.

The fifth-ranked project has received the most public attention and it would be the most expensive by far: the department says renovations at Finlay Park, once considered the crown jewel of the city's parks system, would cost $20 million.

Built in 1991, officials say Finlay Park has experienced "significant deterioration." Some work has been underway at the park to replace and relocate a playground and repair the park's iconic spiral fountain.

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