Sheriff: Midlands deputy told not to wear firearm on hospital campus during recent visit

Sheriff: Midlands deputy told not to wear firearm on hospital campus during recent visit

NEWBERRY, SC (WIS) - Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster took to Facebook to voice his disdain after one of his law enforcement officers was told not to enter the physician's office armed.

Foster posted on his Facebook Thursday evening, retelling the story of one of his senior staff deputies at a "popular" physician's office at Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge. The post has since been deleted.

In the post, Foster says the deputy was told during the consultation that he could not come back to the office or the hospital's campus wearing his firearm.

"He and the doctor had a spirited conversation about how the CWP law did not apply to certified law enforcement officers," Foster said. "They agreed to disagree."

Later in the post, Foster says the deputy was given a note from the receptionist requesting to not come back armed.

"This was not a situation where the Deputy had to leave his weapon on a chair or unattended," Foster continued. "I wonder if something was going down would Parkridge and Palmetto Health not welcome a law enforcement officer that was armed on campus."

Foster ended his post with what concerned him the most.

"This is a highly trained law enforcement officer and is probably one of the most experienced people in the state on active shooters," Foster said. "I would think they would want trained and certified people on their property. It baffles me places that are denying law enforcement officers access."

The doctor's office was not identified in the post. We reached out to Sheriff Foster who did not want to comment further on the now-deleted post.

Officials with Palmetto Health issued a statement on Friday, saying:

Palmetto Health takes great pride in the long history and strong partnership we've had with our law enforcement community. We look forward to maintaining and nurturing this relationship as it's essential to providing a safe environment at our hospitals and facilities for all patients, team members and guests.

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