A tour of what Midlands roads will be fixed using gas tax money

A tour of what Midlands roads will be fixed using gas tax money

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - This week, we're taking a tour of six bumpy, congested, and crumbling Midlands roads which are set to receive the first dose of new funding thanks to the gas tax hike approved by lawmakers months ago.

Gibson Road in Lexington County is fairly small and very narrow but this little road sees major traffic. It has a traffic count of about 3,700 cars a day!

The state says Gibson has sorely needed improvement for years.

"I've been here all my life. There's no bad thing about it," Ezzard "Shanghai" Gates, who lives on Gibson Road said.

But Gates admits living along Gibson Road can sometimes require a lot of patience.

"This is nothing here," He said of the traffic flowing smoothly in front of his home. "Like I said, starting at four o'clock, you'll see it, man. I'm talking about bumper-to-bumper, man."

The narrow, two-lane road stretches between W. Main Street and S. Lake Drive. It's home to the Lexington County Sheriff's Department, a few businesses, and neighbors like Gates.

"This particular road is known as kind of the informal bypass around Downtown Lexington," SCDOT Secretary of Transportation, Christy Hall said.

She pointed out how the heavy traffic has left its mark on the roadway.

"This particular area of roadway is in very poor condition, as you can see," Hall said.

She went on to say Gibson will be one of the first Midlands roads to reap the rewards of the gas tax hike.

"What we will do is go in and, where you see the white edge markings, we will go in and remove all that pavement," Hall explained. "We'll come back and cover that and coat that entire section with four inches of new pavement on top of it."

Contractors will put a two-foot shoulder on both sides of Gibson too. Gates said he will be happy to see that.

"This highway has never been like this, man," Gates said. "All my many years I've been here."

The work on Gibson should be done by next summer.

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