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Hoping for the best, Midlands man worries about family in home country rocked by Hurricane Maria

(Source: Gerry Delgado) (Source: Gerry Delgado)

Gerry Delgado, who was born in Puerto Rico but raised in the continental U-S, is slowly learning what he can of his family there. 

On Thursday afternoon, he hears there have been no fatalities, but he feels for those who lost all they have. 

"It's a challenge, mentally, you know," Delgado said. 

Even that's an understatement, Delgado admits. He goes through the motions at work, stressed to learn how his family is doing in Puerto Rico. 

Hurricane Maria decimated the island. All are without power, which means Delgado is left in the dark, too—knowing very little of his aunt and others. 

"I saw a couple of Facebook posts where they were all you know, holed up in my aunt's house," Delgado said. 

He also took to Facebook, posting, "Waiting to find out if people are alive is not a good feeling."

"You know in seeing places that you visited as a kid just you know, decimated, destroyed…it's kind of tough," he said. 

Seeing those images, he hopes relief efforts will get to his family. 

"It's hard to swallow, just taking it day by day trying to exercise some patience," Delgado said. 

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump says he will visit, and the Red Cross will send volunteers. 

"You know, we haven't got any bad news yet so no news is kind of good news right now."

The Red Cross has sent more than 150 people to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. But the South Carolina chapter is waiting to send help. They will see if South Carolina is impacted, first.

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