Admin: Midlands Facebook group 'just a bunch of guys shooting [expletive]' despite harassment claims

Admin: Midlands Facebook group 'just a bunch of guys shooting [expletive]' despite harassment claims
(Source: Facebook)
(Source: Facebook)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A place for men to talk trash about women -- that's how the administrator of The Brodeo described his closed group on Facebook.

The 1,140-member strong group, which is comprised of men mostly from the Columbia area, is nothing more than locker room talk that allows men a free speech avenue to talk openly about women without fear of repercussion, according to page's administrator, Jesse Paterson,

"It's a private group," Paterson said. "It's not like it's getting put out to the public for everybody to see."

"There's police officers, attorneys, every type of person you could think of, every race. There's just no girls. It's just a bunch of guys shooting [expletive] with each other."

However, Columbia native Susan Mishoe says she's been the target of constant harassment from members on that page for more than a year. In fact, the page's administrator openly referred to her as the group's official mascot.

The woman only became aware of the page when a kind-hearted member sent her dozens of screenshots days ago.

"It made me physically ill," Mishoe said. "I mean, it was by far the most disgusting, idiotic, terrifying things I've ever seen written about another human."

The information spurred her to file a report with the Richland County Sheriff's Department about the page.

The sexually explicit harassment, which is too gruesome and disgusting to describe, may have led other women and single mothers to commit suicide, she said.

"I'm doing this for other women out there," Mishoe said. "I'm doing this for other people that they may have already targeted or will target in the future if I weren't to do something like this."

Still, the group's administrator says he has no plans to deactivate the page.

"We're not doing anything wrong," Paterson said. "She just put her nose in the wrong place."

At last check, the page is not searchable on Facebook and appears to be listed as a "secret group."

The sheriff's department is still looking into the complaint to see what deputies can do.

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