FL woman seeks 'sexy lineman' to get lights back on after Hurricane Irma

FL woman seeks 'sexy lineman' to get lights back on after Hurricane Irma

FORT MYERS, FL (WIS) - Kynse Leigh Agles survived Hurricane Irma - and now she's single and ready to get her lights back on with the help of a handsome man!

The 37-year-old real estate broker took to Instagram on Sept. 17 looking for a pair of strong hands to get her lights back on - and she did it with something most couldn't ignore - a big sign with hot pink spray paint.

Her sign says: "Hot single female seeks sexy lineman to electrify her life."

"Maybe this will work!" she wrote in her post.

She shares the plight of thousands of Floridians who are without power since Hurricane Irma barrelled through the sunshine state.

When she's not making signs that turn heads, Agles is an advocate for organ donation.

She says the reaction to her post have been "HUGE" and she hopes it can help her continue her organ donation message.

"Since I found out I had stage 5 kidney failure and needed either dialysis or a transplant I have made it my goal to spread the word of the importance of organ donation," Angles said. "You don't know how important it is until you go through it and only 45 percent of Americans are registered donors."

She talks more about her journey and advocacy on her Facebook page called Kynse's Kidney/Pancreas transplant journey.

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