My Take: There will be a next time

My Take: There will be a next time

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - In the span of two weeks, our country has dealt with two catastrophic hurricanes that levied enormous damage and destruction upon Texas with Harvey and the southeast with Irma.

After causing an estimated $150 billion in damages and impacting millions of residents and disrupting daily lives, some forever, we are left to ask ourselves:  were we ready? If not, we should be by now.

The lessons learned from these two catastrophes should be that we should always be prepared. Residents of the Midlands surely saw of Irma's wrath on Monday, but we mostly dodged a bullet. We may not be so lucky next time.

We saw most people listening to officials to prepare and to evacuate. Part of the preparation were the swift actions of Governor's Rick Scott of Florida and Henry McMaster of South Carolina. They took decisive action to order evacuations when this is not the most popular thing to do. More than 6 million people were ordered to evacuate in Florida. Those mandatory evacuations likely saved thousands of lives. Harvey and Irma took some mighty big shots at us!

We will, yet again, pick up the pieces, clean up and in some cases rebuild. We have leaned hard on each other again and we are happy to be in our homes and looking forward to resuming our normal lives.

If you weren't ready for this, then you should be by now.

While the images of Monday's devastation here in the Midlands and in Florida are still fresh in your mind, you should keep all your preparations ready. Because there will be a next time. And it may come sooner than we think.

That's my take. What's yours?

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