Stranger steps in to help family in need following damage to home done by Irma

Stranger steps in to help family in need following damage to home done by Irma

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It's a happy ending for a family whose house was damaged during Monday's storm. A tree fell through the roof destroying everything inside one of the bedrooms, but after seeing the story on WIS, a stranger is now offering to help.

You may remember our story about Lewis Oates. He lives with his mom and his sister on Rumar Street in Columbia.

Monday night, severe weather brought on by Tropical Storm Irma caused a tree to fall on their house. And that tree fell right onto the bed where Oates was studying at the time.

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Everyone in the house is fine, but Lewis says everything in his room is a complete loss.

After seeing our story, Renee Kyzer of Lexington called WIS. She says she wants to help.

"It means a whole lot. It means a whole lot," Oates said. "Saying, 'Well, here you go. I don't know you, but it seems like that you need help right now.' And you do have people out here that's like that. And I just want to thank you, whoever you are. I haven't met you yet, but once I meet you, we'll be able to talk face-to-face."

The family does not have renter's insurance. Oates was studying on his laptop at the time the tree fell on his bed. Kyzer has offered to help him replace that laptop and some of his clothes.

Oates says he is blown away by her kindness, and that this is a great example to our children of how to treat one another.

"First, I'd give her a hug. I would actually have to give her a hug because the hug comes from her being generous, being kind," Oates said. "That's the way I actually show my gratitude. I'd give her a nice hug first and tell her, 'Thank you.' Don't matter the race, don't matter the color – it's time for all of us to just really get together."

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