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Florida couple welcomes baby boy during Irma at Sumter hospital

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(Source: WISTV) (Source: WISTV)
(Source: WISTV) (Source: WISTV)

The events of Hurricane Irma most likely won’t leave the minds of many Americans any time soon, but for one Florida couple, the past few days will be extra memorable for a good reason.

On Monday, as rain and wind from Irma hammered the Midlands, Stefanie Kight and her husband Preston welcomed a baby boy into the world. Little Calden Boone Kight was born at around 1:30 p.m. at Palmetto Health Tuomey in Sumter. The child was born weighing roughly eight pounds, six ounces.

Stefanie and Preston were already the parents of one boy. They and their 13-month-old son Keller left the family’s home near Fort Myers, Florida over the weekend as Irma was approaching the west coast of the Sunshine State. The couple came to Sumter because Stefanie’s parents live here.

Stefanie said that all of her worries seemed to disappear on Monday when she first got to see and hold her new son.

"You kind of forget about it you know,” she said, “he took our mind off of things so he’s a blessing.”

Preston is currently attending medical school in Florida and had to return there quickly. Stefanie said that the couple’s home did make it through the storm but currently it has no electricity. She, Keller and Calden are planning to return to Florida at some point in the weeks ahead.

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