Downed pine tree busts through West Columbia home's roof during Irma

Downed pine tree busts through West Columbia home's roof during Irma

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Cleanup continues across many Midlands neighborhoods in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irma.

At a home on Seminole Drive, a downed pine tree ripped a hole through the roof during the storm. Luckily, nobody was inside at the time. WIS caught up with the homeowner, who made the discovery Monday night.

"I smelled pine needles.. the pine scent," Bill Foy said, "So I said 'uh oh' and grabbed my umbrella, walked back in here in the back and saw the damage."

A tarp held down by cinderblocks is now the only item protecting Foy's home from the elements.

"Water was pouring in so I got buckets and tried to minimize the damage as much as possible," Foy said.

Foy's house was some of the worst damage across West Columbia.

"Things are still wet... I'm gonna see what I can salvage," he said.

Cleanup is underway in several parts of that area. A crew cleaning up in the Bi Lo parking lot off State Street in Cayce had already been to multiple locations.

"Lots of clean up. This is our fourth stop of the day," said Frank McLane, who was working for Heritage Landscaping cleaning up debris Monday afternoon

McLane urges anyone out on the roads to allow room for crews to work.

"Stay clear of this stuff stay out of danger until we can get it cleaned up and get the roads opened back up," McLane said.

The tree that came down in Foy's yard took power lines down with it. SCE&G warns you to stay away from downed power lines, as they pose a serious danger.

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