Follow-the-leader, golf carts used to move flamingos from outdoo - - Columbia, South Carolina

Follow-the-leader, golf carts used to move flamingos from outdoor exhibits

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Source: WIS Source: WIS

From follow-the-leader to golf carts, zookeepers used a variety of methods to move flamingos to safety before Hurricane Irma.

At Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay the flamingos marched from their outdoor habitat to a safer place indoors. They all proceeded in line following their zookeepers. Busch Gardens closed for the hurricane.

Busch Gardens is home to 12,000 animals and a representative says there is a "comprehensive weather preparedness plan" in effect to protect them.

At Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden in Columbia, keepers used golf carts to move the flamingos from their habitat to temporary safe cover.

The flamingos were moved around 3 p.m. Sunday, giving guests some entertainment. Bird Keepers herded the animals together and eventually transported them by golf carts to a barn at the zoo.

"Mainly the protection from the high winds and any flying debris that may startle them to cause any problems to their safety, so we'll all sleep better tonight knowing that they're in safe and secure buildings," said John Davis, Curator of Mammals.

The flamingos are on outdoor display and do not have an indoor habitat.

Riverbanks Zoo is closed Monday due to Hurricane Irma.

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