SC Emergency Operations Center monitoring Irma

SC Emergency Operations Center monitoring Irma

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - People who work in emergency management in South Carolina are working non-stop as we anticipate the effects of Hurricane Irma.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division is responsible for executing statewide plans in situations just like this. They help citizens prepare, respond, and recover during emergencies and natural disasters. The SCEMD Emergency Operations Center in West Columbia is staffed around the clock to monitor the weather conditions statewide.
SCEMD Spokesperson Derrec Becker says people in South Carolina should expect high wind, rain and possible flooding from the storm.

"This storm has been very erratic in terms of what's going to happen for South Carolina," Becker said. "It's best to monitor the weather and if you have to take precautions, do so immediately."

Emergency personnel have been working nonstop since about 8:00 Friday morning.

WIS News 10 will have reports from the Emergency Operations Center throughout the day and will provide updates coming from state emergency officials.

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