Midlands continues to see issues at the gas pump

Midlands continues to see issues at the gas pump

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Across the Midlands on Saturday, the hunt for cheap gas prices continued as residents are beginning to really see the effects of Hurricane Harvey at the pumps.

Signs were posted at several Columbia gas stations either putting a limit on how much gas customers could buy or saying that the station was out of gas completely.

One station in the northeast area of Columbia limited customers to purchasing no more than $30 worth of gas.

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"You can't get more than $30 worth of gas but I think that's a little unfair. People like me who get premium, it's $3.39 a gallon which is insane," one customer said.

AAA predicts the national average for gas prices will likely rise above $2.50 even though in some places, it already has.

Despite the mad rush to the pumps, officials are still saying not to worry.

The Colonial Pipeline, the country's largest fuel transporter, says it hopes to resume moving fuel to the east coast by Sunday. They are hoping fuel prices will return to normal levels before the end of the month.

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