Consumers make a run at gas stations around the Midlands after p - - Columbia, South Carolina

Consumers make a run at gas stations around the Midlands after post-Harvey price jump

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The pinch at the pump continues as oil production rigs, refineries, and pipelines around the southeast cut production following Hurricane Harvey.

Since last week, gas prices in Columbia have shot up 32 cents -- even 14 cents in the past 24 hours, according to AAA -- causing a run on gas in many areas of the Midlands. Lines have been forming as people fill up their tank before the next price jump.

''Try to save what we can this time. We'll just buy $10 worth 'till it goes back down,'' Lancaster County resident Hartsell Gladden said. 

Some gas stations in Columbia have even begun to run out of regular gas and mid-grade gas and only have premium and diesel. 

Nationwide, gas prices jumped 7 cents to fill out the national average at $2.52 a gallon. Still, South Carolina has some of the cheapest gas prices in the country at $2.37 a gallon.

''Honestly, I'm being very zen about it because a hurricane occurred. It was a natural disaster," Ketly Blaise Williams who is traveling from Florida said. "I think it's circumstances beyond our control that's causing gas prices to go high.''

As many as 15 refineries were shut down because of the hurricane, accounting for almost 25 percent of U.S. refining capacity.

A part of the Colonial Pipeline, the fuel supply line for much of the South was halted. That supply line goes from Lake Charles, LA, to Houston, TX.

Still, state officials have urged caution in making runs at the pumps despite the price jump.

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