'I'm alive. We're breathing," says SC native in Houston as catastrophic flooding continues

'I'm alive. We're breathing," says SC native in Houston as catastrophic flooding continues

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Midlands natives now living in Texas are living out a storm that is breaking all kinds of devastating records.

WIS spoke with several people in Houston today via FaceTime and by phone. Many echoed the same sentiments – that they appreciate the love and support from home, and they urge anyone to donate to the Red Cross and other charities if they're wondering how to help.

Kathleen Agustin still lives in Columbia and traveled to Houston last week to visit family. Now, she's stuck in a downtown Houston hotel waiting for the flood waters to recede before she can catch a return flight.

In the time she's spent there, Agustin says the showing of the community has been incredible.

"I mean, you see people grabbing air mattresses - anything they can that floats," Agustin said. "They're going out and putting themselves in danger. Once they get their families to safety they're leaving their families to go help their neighbors and other families. It's pretty inspiring how the community is coming together to really help each other."

She says in downtown Houston cars are submerged and the sheer amount of debris floating through the streets is a hazard in itself.

Meanwhile, Horry County native and now League City resident Andy Soles is riding out the storm on the second floor of his home. The first floor is sitting in a foot of floodwater and at last check, the rain was picking up again.

"Am I shocked? A little. I'm alive. We're breathing. It's not as bad as it possibly could be," Soles said. "I'm sure there are others that are going through this and who are in far worse conditions than we are right now."

Others in areas that were not severely affected are sending their love and thoughts to their neighbors in worse conditions.

"Neighborhoods are dealing [with] - if not with water inside their homes, you know water right up to the foundation," said Houston resident Bobby Povey, who has been riding out the storm inside.

He hasn't lost power or had to evacuate, much like Andrew Varn, who wants to send this message to those who have called or texted from the Midlands.

"The love that we're getting from back home... we really appreciate it," Povey said.

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