'I feel helpless,' Columbia native in Houston says as floods swallow up TX

'I feel helpless,' Columbia native in Houston says as floods swallow up TX

HOUSTON, TX (WIS) - As response efforts continue in Texas, Midlands natives now living in Houston describe a scene that seems to have no end in sight.

William Dingas moved to Houston in 2011. He was raised in Columbia and moved to the Capital City when he was just four years old.

He now lives outside downtown Houston in Katy, TX where he said, via FaceTime, that the bayou neighboring his apartment has completely overflowed, causing the roadways surrounding the complex to become a river.

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Dingas is still in his apartment as of Monday. The sound of water rushing through the streets and rain still pouring from the sky reinforced the feeling among Dingas and many of his neighbors.

"I feel helpless. That's really the most frustrating thing I can describe," Dingas said. "Just kinda being cooped up. I can't really help anybody. Us neighbors have banded together trying to help each other out. But other than that it's just… my hands are tied what can I do you know?"

Many of Dingas' neighbors have evacuated. Between the Coast Guard and civilian boats, many have also been rescued.

"People need help - it's not over. It's not going to end in the next couple days. It could go on for a couple weeks. People may not be able to get to their homes for several days and they're going to run out of supplies."

He echoes the sentiments of forecasters and neighbors alike – the feeling there is that this event is far from over and there will be much more need in the coming days.

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