Rumors debunked: county employee not re-hired after controversial comments

Rumors debunked: county employee not re-hired after controversial comments

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Questions still loom and speculation swirls amid fallout between a Richland County administration leader and EMS workers.

On Friday, our sources say despite that resignation, problems persist within the department you rely on when there's an emergency. WIS learned that Bronson has not been re-hired by the county.

The county responded to our question that Kevin Bronson is in no way employed by the county. In an internal email that WIS obtained, we learned that his resignation was accepted, that he decided not to work out his 2 weeks, but that he was in the building helping with a smooth transition.

Matt Gottlieb, a former employee, said on Friday that he met with Richland County Councilman Seth Rose to keep the conversation going about work conditions at Richland County EMS. Gottlieb says he hopes they won't go unnoticed in the wake of the fallout between EMS workers and a leader over the public safety department.

"Something has to be done," Gottlieb said. "As much as I tried to make a change from within, change never happened. I went to Richland County expecting that to be my last career change."

For his role, Rose has put a motion forward to investigate the issues at EMS.

"The motion is going to allow this process to be a public venue where there will be a question and answer in a public forum rather than were taking care of it. We are addressing the issue," Rose said. "Here, we will have a question answer open to the public and I intend to ask questions of the issues that were raised. I took notes in the meeting today with the EMS worker about his concerns and I am going to ask those specific questions in an open forum from the county staff.

"Everyone needs to come to the room. We need a detailed report," Rose continued. "There needs to be an open form, questions need to be asked and answered and that's what I aim to do."

We've asked to get information about response times, staffing and other questions that were brought to our attention. But so far not too many answers.

In fact, the county estimates that WIS would have to pay more than $19,000.00 for them to get that information for us.

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