My Take: The eclipse reminded us to find our own moments of joy, whenever possible

My Take: The eclipse reminded us to find our own moments of joy, whenever possible

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The summer of 2017 will be remembered for many things.

Many continue to feel the stress of increasing tensions with North Korea over their nuclear program and the potential for conflict. There was also the tragedy in Charlottesville that left three people dead. And there's ongoing debate in communities around the south over the future of monuments honoring Confederate war veterans. These issues won't be solved easily, if at all.

But for a very brief moment on Monday, that stress came to an end.

Americans from all walks of life came together in celebration of an awe-inspiring moment. A rare total solar eclipse was a chance for joy, wonderment and fun for people of all ages. Think about it…for two and a half minutes, it seemed as if the world was at peace.

It’s probably the coolest experience you can have and you can't beat it," one eclipse watcher on Lake Murray said.

"I get to see the corona, the sun, in pictures at work all the time but there's nothing like seeing it in person," another said.

And one of the thousands who took in the eclipse at Spirit Communications Park thought it was "pretty cool." "What we just witnessed here was once in a lifetime," he said. "They say over ninety+ years. I had to make sure I captured it in person, live and direct!"

Frankly, moments like these are something we all need more of. That euphoric moment was brief, but the eclipse proved that it is possible for all groups of people to come together for a common reason.

As eclipse fever dies down and we settle back into our jobs, schoolwork and political points of debate, let's be sure to find our own moments of joy wherever possible.

That's my take, what's yours?

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