Columbia officials: Finlay Park Fountain project to be completed in September

Columbia officials: Finlay Park Fountain project to be completed in September

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The City of Columbia is in the process of taking two significant steps toward revitalizing Finlay Park.

The latest step is aimed at re-starting the flow of water from the park's iconic fountain. The fountain feeds several water streams from the park's highest elevation along Laurel Street.

Earlier this year, city council members set aside money for repair work on the fountain pumps, which have been shut down for almost two years after damage from the 2015 flood disaster. That work is now underway.

"We're looking into September for the completion of the project," Todd Martin with the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department said. "The masons are a little behind schedule which is pushing us into September. Right now, we're looking good for September. We've replaced the pumps, the motors. We've done some work on the fountain itself, fixing some leaks and voids around the spiral which is going to help us with efficiency. And we've also raised the pump house above ground where it was subsurface when it got damaged during the flood."

In another part of the 14-acre park, workers are also installing a new playground. The old one was removed last year due to safety issues. The city budgeted about $185,000 dollars for the new play area, which is now located on the opposite side of the park pond.

The improvements are far short of a much larger repair proposal some officials say could total more than $20 million.

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