Parents drug-testing kids to catch early signs of drug abuse

Parents drug-testing kids to catch early signs of drug abuse

CINCINNATI, OH (WIS/WLWT) -- Some parents say they are so concerned with the rise in drug abuse that they have added drug testing to their back-to-school to-do list to keep their children safe.

Raising teens can be a trying task.

"One minute they are great, the next they are down," said Katie Gringras. "You never know if it just a drug problem or just them going through teenage emotions."

So some parents are asking their kids to complete random drug tests.

"They come in, the child goes in the restroom here which is secured and gives a sample," said lab owner John Schehr.

Within five minutes, parents will know if any drugs, and which ones, are in their child's system.

More and more parents are adding the precautionary tests to their back-to-school agenda, including Gringras.

"A lot of parents that I have talked to are very concerned with the everyday struggle of raising a teenage child anyway," she said. "But now, all of a sudden everything so easily to get, any kind of drug, it is just  another burden to put on a parents back "

"The drugs that we typically test for, for the parents are amphetamines, barbiturates , cocaine, marijuana, oxycodones, methamphetamine, opiates, Tylenol fours, that kind of thing," said Schehr.

Both the parent and student can remain anonymous. Parents like Gingras say it helps to have peace of mind.

"I mean overdosing, its just ridiculous  what is going on right now so if you can maybe catch it before it gets too bad then you may have just saved your child's life."

Schehr said, depending on the drug that was potentially used, there are other available tests, like hair follicle tests, which can show what was in the system 60 to 90 days prior.

Rapid drug testing costs anywhere from $45 to $55 at multiple locations. The results can be sent to a national lab for a second opinion. That normally costs an extra $10 to $20.

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