SC business leaders meet face-to-face with elected leaders at 'Washington Night'

SC business leaders meet face-to-face with elected leaders at 'Washington Night'

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Leaders in the South Carolina business community got to ask questions of some of South Carolina's elected leaders face-to-face Wednesday night.

The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce hosted "Washington Night" at the Columbia Marriott. It was a town hall discussion followed by a reception.

Among the panelists fielding questions were members of the South Carolina Congressional Delegation including US Senator Lindsey Graham, and Congressmen Mark Sanford, Joe Wilson & Tom Rice.

Many of the questions in the town hall surrounded President Trump's agenda and the challenge in implementing it within a toxic political climate on Capitol Hill.

"There's a lot of frustration out there in the way that things don't seem to be moving in Washington. And there's the expectation that because health care didn't happen, that something has got to happen on tax reform," Congressman Mark Sanford said.

Business leaders in attendance seemed to appreciate hearing from those in DC to see how policies working their way through the Capitol will impact their respective industries here in South Carolina. The questions were wide ranging, even briefly touching on the President's comments regarding Charlottesville.

Congressman Joe Wilson said he appreciated the opportunity to address a largely receptive audience.

"We all share an interest in creating jobs and reducing taxes and regulations in infrastructure. I'm confident when Congress returns in September, there will be a real focus on creating jobs." Rep. Wilson said.

Despite differences with the President on some issues, Sen. Graham promised to push forward President Trump's agenda, and remained optimistic both parties could work together despite a sharp divide.

"I'm looking forward to an infrastructure package of about 700-800 billion dollars that will bring Democrats and Republicans together and help the economy," Senator Graham said. "That to me is the number one priority for next spring."

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