Summer crime puts renewed focus on safety for students heading b - - Columbia, South Carolina

Summer crime puts renewed focus on safety for students heading back to college

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As students at area colleges in the city get ready to head back to class, personal safety has become more of a priority on the minds of some. 

Back in July. three people were arrested for targeting, robbing and kidnapping several college students at gun point. Most of those attacks happened at apartment complexes off of Bluff Road.

On Tuesday several students who were moving in at the University of South Carolina said the news caught their attentions over the summer.

They said they plan on being extra cautious when venturing out at night over the course of their academic year.

Officials in law enforcement say that's a good approach to take.

"Be observant," said Lieutenant Verlon Rhodes with the Richland County Sheriff's Department, "If you're in an apartment complex it helps to even drive around...don't just park right around for awhile, drive throughout and then come back once around and come back. See if things are still the same because in some situations someone may be lurking or waiting or what have you. Waiting for someone to victimize someone."

Law enforcement officials are also asking college students to stay in groups and stay away from poorly lit areas if they are going somewhere unfamiliar at night.

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