Here’s What Current BellSouth Employees Have To Say…

" 'BellSouth is an amazing company to work for', is what I heard from both of my parents growing up. They are now both very comfortable BellSouth retirees. I have had other jobs, but working for BellSouth has shown me a career with endless opportunities. It is a great feeling to work for a company that recognizes your achievements and rewards you for them. The benefits and compensation are unmatched. Not only can I secure my retirement, but I have peace of mind knowing that my family's health and dental care needs will be satisfied by the excellent insurance that BellSouth has provided for me. I can honestly say that I love working at BellSouth which makes it very easy to come to work each day and I plan to do so until retirement."

Steven Eiger

"BellSouth is an equal opportunity employer. BellSouth has made it possible for me and my family to receive great benefits. Such as medical, dental, prescription program and that is mentioning just a few, We also have the choice to participate in a supportive union. I have been with BellSouth for a year now. I work in a great environment and I am surrounded with a team of great superiors and co workers. BellSouth encourages opportunity and development within. I am currently participating in a leadership role and find myself in a great position for the future with a career at BellSouth. Therefore I take pride in my company to be the best I can be."

Kind regards
Raymond Gutierrez

"I have been here for almost 2 years now and I am so proud to be a part of this company BellSouth. I have learned very much and the company has really showed me that they see my qualities and utilizes them. The benefits are fantastic and thanks to BellSouth I can now finish my degree in Business Management. The work we do is very rewarding e.g pinnacle club and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!"

Sophy Englund