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Another Midlands city is asking residents to return uncertified eclipse glasses

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With days to go until the total solar eclipse, cities and municipalities around the state are making double sure the eclipse glasses they've been giving away to citizens pass muster.

However, the city of Bamberg is telling residents that the glasses they've been passing out recently need to be exchanged for new ones.

According to a post from the city's Facebook page, Bamberg officials say the glasses they purchased from Amazon have been recalled.

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"If you picked up glasses from City Hall please return them and get another pair," the post said. "The new glasses are suppose to be official eclipse glasses recommended by NASA....BUT THE CITY MAKES NO GUARANTEES."

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Other Midlands cities are paying close attention to the glasses. Last week, the Blythewood Chamber of Commerce recalled glasses they gave to city residents, saying the glasses were not manufactured by one of the five NASA certified companies.

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