Sen. Tim Scott says President Trump's 'moral authority is compro - - Columbia, South Carolina

Sen. Tim Scott says President Trump's 'moral authority is compromised' in interview with VICE News

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (Source: WIS) South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (Source: WIS)

Another South Carolina congressman has condemned President Donald Trump's comments on Charlottesville and those involved in the protest in an interview that aired Thursday.

In an interview with VICE News Tonight on HBO and VICE News Washington, DC Bureau Chief Shawna Thomas, Republican Sen. Tim Scott said that the president has lost part of his moral authority and that it's compromised. Sen. Scott did say, however, that he believes not all of the president's moral authority is gone. 

"We elected him as president so there's no question that we gave him moral authority," Scott told Thomas in the interview. "The problem is that in this situation over the last three or four days, what we've seen is that moral authority being compromised by the lack of clarity, by what we have seen as the - a pivot backward which is very unsettling for many Americans, including me." 

Trump has been on the defensive in the past several days following his comments Saturday that blamed "both sides" for the chaos that erupted in the streets of the Virginia town.

Sen. Scott went on to say he was not going to "defend the indefensible." 

You can watch Sen. Scott's full interview here

It's not the first time this week that a South Carolina senator has spoken in opposition to the president's comments on Charlottesville. 

Fellow Republican Senator Lindsay Graham said he hoped that President Trump would "drop the hammer" on white supremacy during a visit to Columbia on Tuesday. 

President Trump responded to Graham specifically on Thursday via Twitter, calling the senator "publicity seeking." 

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