McMaster to Santee Cooper board: 'All options' on the table when it comes to possible sale

McMaster to Santee Cooper board: 'All options' on the table when it comes to possible sale

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has told the Board of Santee Cooper that "all options" are on the table when it comes to their ownership interest in the now abandoned nuclear project at VC Summer in Fairfield County.

According to a letter sent to the board on Aug. 15, McMaster says he's heard from a "number of entities that have expressed an interest in purchasing Santee Cooper, in whole or in part, or have inquired regarding Santee Cooper's ownership interest" in the plant.

McMaster has been fielding suggestions about Santee Cooper's stake in the project in an effort to restart construction on the failed nuclear plant that was abandoned by Santee Cooper and SCANA several weeks ago.

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"We've got to move fast because you can't leave those facilities out there uncovered and just sitting. Things start rusting, and you need to cover them up, then that costs hundreds of millions of dollars right there, but the best thing is to find someone willing to put the money in to construct them," McMaster said in a previous interview.

McMaster continued in the letter and asked the board to move swiftly in case a purchase of the public utility becomes a possibility.

"Although this process may be challenging, it is not nearly as difficult as the situation facing South Carolina workers and ratepayers,"  McMaster said.

Over 5,000 workers were laid off after SCANA and Santee Cooper revealed they were abandoning the multi-billion dollar project in early August.

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