'The blueprint's been laid out,' for justice in other officer-involved shootings, man shot by trooper says

'The blueprint's been laid out,' for justice in other officer-involved shootings, man shot by trooper says

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The man who was shot by a state highway patrol trooper is speaking out after a sentence in the case comes down.

Levar Jones sat down with us on Wednesday and gave his thoughts on the time Former Trooper Sean Groubert will serve.

Groubert was looking at up to 20 years in prison for the shooting. Jones himself appeared in court at the sentencing hearing to ask that the maximum sentence was handed down.

"So right now we have a blueprint. The blueprint's been laid out," Jones said. "We went from a process of a situation happening through the whole judicial process and came to an end. So now we have our blueprint. Now, lay a foundation for it and we need to fill in all the cracks and continue to build on top of that."

Despite that not happening, Jones says he was happy with how the case was handled. He said he also hopes it will be an example for authorities on how to best prosecute cases like this in the future.

"I feel like, in a country where I've watched them do nothing, I've seen my city do something," Jones said. "You know all throughout the country we've watched non-indictments -- an indictment is very simple. It took a lot of work to get there but they did something."

Groubert was sentenced to prison time for the incident and will serve at least the next three years behind bars.

Dashcam video captured the former trooper shooting Levar Jones at a gas station back in 2014. Groubert claimed he thought Jones had a gun at the time.

But, the only thing Jones had in his hand was a wallet.

Groubert spoke for himself after material witnesses spoke for his character. He addressed Jones directly in court, admitted to making a mistake when he shot him.

"Mr. Jones, I made the world's biggest mistake the day I stopped you, and I owe you the world's biggest apology," Groubert said. "I've searched in vain for three years to find the words to express to you how sorry I am but they don't exist."

"I screwed up."

Groubert also told Jones that he prays for him every night and that he, Jones, did nothing wrong.

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