'If you wait, it’s too late': Midlands mommy blogger advises to talk to kids about Charlottesville

'If you wait, it’s too late': Midlands mommy blogger advises to talk to kids about Charlottesville

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - While many across the country are still discussing the tragic events in Charlottesville, many parents are wondering how to have that talk at the dinner table with young children.

It's a tough conversation to have, leaving many parents wondering how to do it, or if they should even discuss this at all with their children.

Mommy blogger Ashleigh Wilder says it's every parent's choice, but she feels she has a responsibility to tell her children.

"If you wait, it's too late," Wilder said.

Wilder blogs for the Columbia, South Carolina Moms blog and founded the Busy Bees Parented Playgroup. As a mother of three children, she says with the growing political unrest and racial tension.

"I think it's a hard conversation to have, but I think it's a very necessary conversation and of course a timely conversation," Wilder said.

Wilder says it's all about how you say it.

"You have to make sure that you are using terminology that's appropriate for them, but also you don't want to sugarcoat too much," Wilder said.

Her oldest is five years old, but Ashleigh says like most kids you can't get too much past this toddler.

"She's not reading the news, she's not watching the news, but she can definitely tell when mommy and daddy are upset about something that we may have read in the news or seen in the news," Wilder said.

This time around, this is what Wilder told her daughter.

"A very bad man did something to a group of people who were trying to do the right thing and that someone, unfortunately, lost their life protecting civil liberties – protecting something that we all take for gr anted, almost," Wilder said. 
Ultimately, Wilder says deciding whether or not to have the conversation is every parent's choice to make.

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