West Columbia residents protest Mill Hill demolition project

West Columbia residents protest Mill Hill demolition project

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It is crunch time for a group of protesters trying to stop West Columbia from tearing down historic homes near the city's Riverwalk in the Mill Hill neighborhood.

The controversial project calls for tearing down five homes to create more parking for the Riverwalk. Earlier this month, the plan came to a halt after concerns were expressed to DHEC about asbestos in the old homes that could get into the air.

On Sunday, several homeowners gathered in the front yard of one of those homes at risk to ask the city if they can stay.

It's believed the homes could come down as early as this week.

"This is not typical for West Columbia. West Columbia is more strip malls, Walmarts, subdivisions, new construction, cookie cutter homes. But this is really different and I don't believe City Council really understands who we are," West Columbia resident Keith Adams expressed. "They are talking about draws to the Riverfront and draws to West Columbia. When this neighborhood is complete, it's going to be a huge draw. Very village like, it's going to be beautiful."

Residents are planning a march from the Mill neighborhood to the Statehouse on Monday, August 14 at 5 p.m.

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