SC inmate who maintained an active Facebook presence now being punished

SC inmate who maintained an active Facebook presence now being punished

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A South Carolina inmate who managed to maintain a fairly active presence on Facebook -- even broadcasting on Facebook Live -- appears to have had his accounts shut down after Department of Corrections officials were alerted to them.

Jose "Joey" Rivera's Facebook profile is no longer active. A check of it Friday morning instead pulled up a splash page that reads, "Sorry, this content isn't available right now."

Several of Rivera's videos and other posts to Facebook also pull up the same page.

Corrections Department officials say they've shut down Rivera's main account as well as two others he was using. As a result of his actions, Rivera has been placed in solitary confinement.

Rivera appears to have been accessing Facebook through a contraband cell phone inside Evans Correctional Institution in Bennettsville.

Inside the prison, Rivera broadcasted on Facebook Live as recently as Aug. 4 where he joined up with a fellow inmate who was brandishing a knife.

A second video posted straight to his Facebook account on July 22 appears to target someone who has been communicating with Rivera's "baby momma." Rivera repeatedly threatens the man as he holds a knife.

An anonymous viewer saw this on her Facebook feed, sent a tip to the Corrections Department, and contacted us with concerns over the safety of others inside of the prison once she saw even more Facebook updates from Rivera days after sending that tip.

"I didn't want something to happen, and me not do anything about and someone's life get lost and that be on my conscience the rest of my life, and I could've prevented it but I didn't," the woman said.

Corrections Department Director Bryan Stirling explained how discipline can be handed out in this situation.

"There's a host of disciplinary actions that can be taken on this inmate and others that use cell phones and have weapons," Stirling said. "Some of them can be solitary confinement. Some of them will be loss of visitation. This inmate has been located and he has been put in lock up and we will start the disciplinary process once the investigation is concluded."

Stirling said they received the tip on Rivera, but had not yet investigated him because they get many tips and they work them in the order they get them.

Rivera was serving time in prison for burglary. The S-C-D-C director says he could be further punished beyond solitary confinement.

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