Self-defense training prepares students for campus safety

Self-defense training prepares students for campus safety

SARASOTA, FL (SNN) – One in five female college students will be assaulted walking on campus this year.

Derrick Clark is making sure women of all ages don't become a statistic.

"Whether being on the ground, standing, against the wall, being thrown down, we try to touch every kind of attack scenario possible," Clark, who owns Clark's Self Defense in Sarasota, said.

He said most attacks happen in an ambush manner.

"Where they're caught off guard, where they need to react quickly on their reflexes, and be able to come up with something fast," Clark said.

These attacks are common on college campuses.

"Going back to school is the best time for someone to start training and learn these moves," Clark said. "It could be a life or death situation."

Students weren't the only ones learning the moves at one of Clark's classes Thursday.

"I'm 40 and I thought I wanted to push myself," self defense student Cindy Grasso, said.

She practices self defense four days a week.

"It could happen at any moment," Grasso said. "You could go your whole life without being attacked, or I could step out there tonight leaving Walmart and I could get attacked."

Thanks to Clark, she'll be ready.

"I wanted to prove to myself that I would be able to do it because you never think that you are strong enough," Grasso said.

"It's just the best feeling to see a girl feel confident leaving the mats," Clark said.

The University of South Carolina hosts training and education for personal safety of students. Click here for a link to the programs available. 

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