Forest Acres residents make call for city zoning rules to be enforced

Forest Acres residents make call for city zoning rules to be enforced

FOREST ACRES, SC (WIS) - Some concerned area homeowners say they want the city to take a tougher stand on enforcing zoning codes.

They say that's because some residents in Forest Acres have been taking too many liberties with area homes.

Photos taken by one property owner show a bucket crane and other large pieces of landscaping equipment on his neighbor's front lawn. That directly violates the city's zoning code which says all equipment for a home business has to be kept out of sight.

Following a meeting this week, the city council is now considering whether to make the zoning code for Forest Acres tougher.

For now, residents seem to have mixed views on whether that's needed.

"RV's, boats, anything that people have that won't fit in their backyard they're gonna put it in their front yard and that's not fair to the neighbors,"  said Jim Testor, who feels the city's current zoning rules aren't being enforced.

Meanwhile, other residents say they are simply hoping city leaders won't get carried away making new regulations.

"I understand clutter and garbage in somebody's yard but like a person's vehicle?" said Lee Thomson, who keeps a family members' boat in his front yard during the summer, "That's like me tellin you your car's ugly. It doesn't work."

City council members are planning to review the zoning code over the next month. After that time they do plan to put any revisions up for public review.

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