Parking confusions in Irmo prompts special council meeting

Parking confusions in Irmo prompts special council meeting

IRMO, SC (WIS) - Can you park in the street, or can't you?

Well, for now, you can – at least until Town Council meets on August 10th to talk about parking ordinances. And if you got a ticket this past weekend related to "street parking" in Irmo, that ticket has been voided.

Several parking tickets were written in the Town of Irmo this past weekend, called the "Front Yard Parking" ordinance – stating that you cannot park in the area in front of your residence unless it is concrete or asphalt. Additional parking will be allowed on side yards next to original approved parking that is designated as a parking area.

Essentially, the old rule on the books: you can't park on the street. The new rule on the books: you can't park in your yard. So if you don't have enough driveway space, where do you park?

According to the Irmo Police Department's Facebook page, many tickets were written by officers over the weekend for vehicles parked in violation of the street parking ordinance – which went into effect in the 1980's. The purpose of limiting street parking is to allow emergency vehicles and others to be able to pass through narrow streets.
The "Front Yard Parking" ordinance was just passed on July 18th by Irmo Town Council.
The ordinance, (No. 17-18) does allow residents the ability to create designated parking spaces on side yards next to the original approved parking on an approved, defined or designated parking area, but says you can't park in front of a residence unless it's a parking surface.

That parking surface could mean a number of different types of materials: if must have a defined border of landscape timbers, railroad ties, landscape blocks, bricks, or solid cinder blocks, enclosing gravel, crush and run, mulch, pine straw or any like previous matter.
All additional parking will have to be approved by the Zoning Administrator.  
As education on the new ordinance continues, the town is allowing street parking until Town Council meets to discuss several ordinances related to parking on August 10th.

The agenda includes a first reading of an ordinance named 17-27, amending the Irmo Town Code when to comes to traffic and vehicles prohibited in specific places.
Councilman Barry Walker is introducing that amendment, which he said would repeal the Front Yard Parking ordinance.
Ahead of that, the Town of Irmo is voiding any parking ticket issued between Friday, August 4th and Sunday, August 6th related to street parking.
If you'd like to attend the special meeting, it's at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Building at 7300 Woodrow Street in Irmo.

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