Deadline looming to fix Bluff Road before football season

Deadline looming to fix Bluff Road before football season

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - There's relief on the way for the huge construction project taking place near the Williams-Brice Stadium.

If you drive down Bluff Road, then you know exactly what construction project we're talking about. The road has been under construction since February 2017. It's part of a penny tax project to enhance the area near the stadium. The $9 million project is supposed to be wrapped up just in time for this year's football season which begins September 2.

The deadline to have this all finished is just around the corner, but people who travel Bluff Road every day fear it will be last minute.

Especially students who live in this area that travel Bluff road every day.

"I actually work in Williams-Brice," said USC student John Cassibry. "I actually drive down here a lot. It's a headache."

That's how people who live or work near the construction describe the commute down Bluff Road.

"If you're coming from Whaley, because down towards the train tracks it's narrow and usually it's once way" said Cassibry.

If you drive down Bluff Road, then you know how to weave around the construction cones in this area. But for pedestrians heading to the stadium, there is one side of the road that remains dirt and mud as of now. David Beaty with the Richland County Penny Tax Program said all of it will be complete by the first home game which is just three weeks away.

Nearby residents and businesses praise the efforts being made to fix the aging roads and make it more pedestrian friendly.

Eventually, the multi-million dollar project will be two lanes heading in both directions and sidewalks for pedestrians and bikers on both sides of the road.

Officials are expecting to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony September 12th with USC athletics director Ray Tanner of USC as the guest speaker.