Do your pets need special glasses for the eclipse?

Do your pets need special glasses for the eclipse?

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - When the total solar eclipse hits in a couple weeks, you'll need to have legit glasses to view it to protect your eyes. But what about our animals' eyes?

Dr. Wendy King of Spears Creek Veterinary Clinic says, "The short answer is nothing because animals have an inherent knowledge of not looking at the sun and they just don't look up at the sun and stare.  So they don't need special glasses."

But Dr. King says that doesn't mean we shouldn't watch the animals. She thinks they're going to be the co-stars of the eclipse.

"Their behavior is going to change. Maybe not necessarily in our pets, but the birds are going to start roosting and the frogs and crickets are going to start chirping because they're going to think it's nighttime."

But as far as our dogs and cats outside, Dr. King says the concern for their eyes is mitigated because the animals will not look for an extended time upward at the sun.

Dr. King also has advice on other topics including how to deal with a dog who jumps on people.

"The big thing is to be consistent.  You can't let them jump on you sometimes and then other times not let them. So, you have to be consistent on everyone.  If they are jumping up on you, I would gently step on their toes to make it uncomfortable for them.  Or you can gently knee them in the chest.  It's okay to gently push them off. The main thing is to be consistent in not letting them jump on anyone."

Dr. King also has advice on how to help dogs eat their food when all they want to eat is treats.

"You need to stop the treats. I'm a heathen; I don't give my pets treats.  They respond very well to a pat on the head."

Also, for those pet owners whose dogs have very thick nails that are tough to clip, Dr. King says there are industrial-strength clippers that are orange-handled.

"They are much better than the guillotine type.  You just have to work away at the edges and you probably should cut them once a month until you can get those cut all the way back."

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