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Orangeburg zoning board votes to uphold decision on Confederate memorial

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Despite the outrage of some, a Confederate flag will continue to fly near one business in the city.

The flag sits right beside the Edisto River Creamery off Highway 301.

The owners of that creamery want the flag removed from property they claim is theirs. They say the flag is causing them to lose business and they've been fighting to take it down. Last month the creamery received a racially-charged letter from an anonymous person.  

However, members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans say they hold a deed to the small piece of land that the flag flies over. There's also a memorial to Confederate soldiers on that spot.

Opponents have also argued that the site is right in the middle of a commercial district and therefore it should go. 

Thursday night, the Orangeburg zoning appeals board ruled that the memorial can stay in that location.

The board's decision was a loss to some but a victory for others. 

"I think it's the least they can do because we lost 22,000 Confederate soldiers fighting under that flag," said Thomas McClain, who is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

"I just hope the people who have it up there will see fit to take it down," said Willie B. Owens, who is a member of the Orangeburg County Council.

From here both parties can appeal the zoning board's decision to the courts.

Those who want the flag down, including the owner of the creamery Tommy Daras, say they are considering that option.


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