Fairfield County leaders call V.C. Summer situation a 'sucker punch'

Fairfield County leaders call V.C. Summer situation a 'sucker punch'

WINNSBORO, SC (WIS) - At a meeting of the Fairfield County Council Wednesday night, members expressed their outrage at SCANA over the situation at the V.C. Summer nuclear site in Jenkinsville.

On Monday, SCANA and Santee Cooper announced their boards voted to discontinue construction on the V.C. Summer nuclear facility. 
Council members said they are now focused on dealing with the economic fallout. The loss of 6,000 jobs at the V.C. Summer site is already creating a ripple effect in Fairfield County especially with businesses close to the site.

The County Council says it's focusing on a property tax agreement that was signed on the project back in 2010. Council members say they are trying to find out if anything in that agreement can provide help now that the project has been discontinued.

"We will continue to pursue this matter just as strong and as full as we can until we can get to some sort of a resolution," said County Council Chairman Billy Smith,  "but right now what we're faced with is a task that is really unprecedented in the state."

 Council members discussed the tax agreement in executive session Wednesday night. From here they say the county has several options going forward. They say they will not rule out legal action to deal with the impact of the layoffs.

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