Counterfeit cash popping up in Lexington County

Counterfeit cash popping up in Lexington County

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - A rash of counterfeit cash is making its way through businesses in Lexington County. The hard part is detection as some of this money could easily pass for real cash.

Several employees in Lexington County are claiming they've been hit with this counterfeit cash and not only is this money hard to spot with the human eye, some of it will even pass the marker test.

"Whoever did this was very professional," says Ken Jones with Aqua Fun Boat Rentals at Jake's Landing.

Jones says a customer used counterfeit cash at the end of July.
"The bill is actually real but it was a $2 bill, not a $50 bill," Jones said.
Jake's Landing is just one of many businesses in Lexington County claiming to be hit with counterfeit cash in recent weeks.
"We didn't catch it, of course, at first and then we took the money to the bank and the bank is actually the one that caught the counterfeit," says Jones.
The scam is simple. Use a fake big bill to make a small purchase, and walk out with the real cash when you get your change.

"They bought a small purchase, of course. I think it was a drink for a $1.80 and they were able to get the change back that was, of course, real money," Jones said.

And with some suspects using real cash turned counterfeit, detecting which bills are fake might be a challenge.

"It's going to pass the marker test. So, at that point all you can do is look at the strip on every bill," Jones said. "It's really hard to see and it would take forever to go through each bill."

Police with the Town of Lexington confirm that this is an issue affecting several businesses in the area but details are limited at this time.

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