My Take: Opioid abuse is no easy problem to solve

My Take: Opioid abuse is no easy problem to solve

STATEWIDE (WIS) - You've probably been hearing a lot about Opioid abuse in recent months. And with good reason. The growing use of Opioids for pain relief has quickly gotten out of hand, with more and more people being abusive in their use of the pills. And the problem has quickly turned deadly.

Officials say 44 people died in Richland County last year due to Opioid overdoses. And that's just a single county. The numbers are rising faster than law enforcement can get the drugs off the streets. They are so strong and dangerous, officers have had to change their approach to investigating drug crimes.

Authorities say simply touching the stuff can result in the same overdose effect as an addict shooting it into a vein. This is not an easy problem to solve. It will take individuals, law enforcement, legislators and the community working together.

But the first step is getting help. The CDC and ASA recommend trying other methods to treat chronic pain such as over the counter options before resorting to Opioids. And if you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, contact a treatment center such as LRADAC today.

And we will continue to bring you the latest updates on the fight against this epidemic.

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