The city believes they have a $93 million solution to Columbia's long-standing flood troubles

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - As the City of Columbia wakes up to the aftermath of flash floods, they are once again reminded of the need for better infrastructure to prevent neighborhood flooding.

On Monday, parts of the Midlands continue to dry out after severe thunderstorms brought flooding and drenching rains Sunday afternoon. Familiar flood zones in Columbia, like Five Points and Whaley Street, were soaked with water and left several cars underwater.

Multiple agencies say they responded to several incidents around Columbia, including at least one rescue by the Columbia Fire Department. Roadways were shut down due to flooding.

Crews could be seen cleaning up the mess that flash floods left behind Monday morning. Several towing companies across Columbia say they spent Sunday night responding to flooded vehicles, many of which are now totaled and sitting in their parking lot.

At least one person was rescued from their car that was stuck in water on Whaley and Main streets. No injuries were reported.

"I think the city needs to do something about all of this flooding," resident Michelle Forman said. "It's causing chaos with all of these cars and people's engines. It's belts breaking in the midst of the storm, it's a lot going on. I think the city needs to reach out."

Victoria Kramer with the City of Columbia says historic funding was approved by the city earlier this year. The city was approved to spend $93 million in the coming years -- mostly through raising stormwater rates -- to address storm water improvements. It would prevent neighborhood flooding like what the city experienced on Monday. The timeline is unknown.

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