Homeowner warns drivers of deadly intersection

Homeowner warns drivers of deadly intersection

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - For months now, Stephanie Hightower has been on a mission. The Richland County homeowners say something needs to be done to make the intersection Monticello Road and Camp Ground Road safer.

"I've contacted the highway department, the ombudsman's office, any local agency I could think of, and they all say there's no need for anything else up here," she said.

Hightower said a hill on Camp Ground is the problem.

"When you're coming to the stop sign, you're actually going up a hill and curving around to the right, so when you are coming up the hill you do not see the intersection at all," she said. "It just looks like the road keeps going straight, and when you come around the curb you don't see the stop sign until the last minute."

In other words, she believes it's a stop that's easy to run.

"Even if you were to run the stop sign the people on Monticello Road are flying through here," said Hightower. "They're not going to have any way to stop."

Just last week, troopers say a driver ran this stop sign, which caused a fiery crash that killed a truck driver who swerved to avoid colliding.

"The 18-wheeler flipped upside-down and over completely and landed in the trees," Hightower explained.

Preliminary highway stats show there were five other crashes in this area since 2012. One in 2014 was fatal. Another in 2016 caused injuries. Hightower said that doesn't account for near misses.

"When we're inside watching TV sometimes, you can hear tires locking down," she said.

As she waits for a more permanent solution, Hightower has put up a temporary one.

She's erected a makeshift cardboard stop sign on Camp Ground Road.

"My daughter makes signs at work, and I asked her to make a stop sign, and we put it where the curb begins," she said. "If nobody steals it, I hope it will help."

Hightower said she's not asking for a traffic light or anything extreme. She thinks rumble strips or a flashing warning light would do the job.

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