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Sheriff: Driver tossed packages of stolen pills from pharmacy burglary out of window

(Source: Kershaw County Sheriff's Office) (Source: Kershaw County Sheriff's Office)

A wild chase through several Kershaw County neighborhoods, with the driver apparently throwing packages of narcotics out the car's window, culminated in the arrest of three people, according to the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Jim Matthews detailed the arrests and a connected pharmacy raid on Friday.

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According to Matthews, Neil Trammell, 28, Joshua Trammell, 27, and Trevor Wilson, 21, all took part in a pharmacy break-in back in June in Newberry County and stole upwards of 10,000 pills and capsules. 

However, the crime was not ultimately pieced together until June 21, when an alert Kershaw County deputy noticed Trammell was driving erratically near Smyrna Road. The deputy attempted to pull over Trammell and Wilson, but Trammell took off, Matthews said.

During the chase, Matthews said, Trammell was tossing several packages out of the driver's side. Matthews said Trammell was eventually pulled over and apprehended. 

The next day, the Newberry County Sheriff's Department alerted the sheriff's office that Neil and Wilson were suspects in the pharmacy break-in. A time later, a search warrant was executed on Joshua's residence in connection with the case. After the execution of that warrant, investigators said they found several thousand pills at the residence believed to have been stolen in the pharmacy break-in.

Several thousand more pills were discovered in the weeks ahead at a hidden stash, according to Matthews. Joshua was also arrested and charged with trafficking illegal drugs. 

Neil is charged with failure to stop for a blue light, trafficking in an illegal drug, possession of a Schedule IV drug, possession with intent to distribute a Schedule II controlled substance and possession of a Schedule II controlled substance.

Wilson was charged with trafficking in an illegal drug, possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

“This was and still is a very high manpower intensive investigation that once again resulted in the arrest of at least 2 of the 3 men with extensive criminal records,” said Sheriff Jim Matthews.” It remains to be seen what other charges will be forthcoming.” 

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