Industrious 13-year-old sells lemonade to save for college tuiti - - Columbia, South Carolina

Industrious 13-year-old sells lemonade to save for college tuition

(Source: Claflin University/ Twitter) (Source: Claflin University/ Twitter)

What's better on a hot summer day than an ice cold drink? 

Pretty much nothing and one young entrepreneur is capitalizing on that reality with an old-fashioned classic that he hopes will pay for his future.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Claflin University introduced us to 13-year-old Vincent Proctor. Vincent wants to attend Claflin after high school and has set up a lemonade stand to make that dream a reality.

Although he may be years away from attending college, it’s never too early to start saving, he said.

Vincent knows the way to people’s hearts and pocketbooks in the summer is a cold glass of lemonade on a scorching South Carolina summer day.
"I'd like to be a nurse practitioner,” Vincent said. “I job shadowed her a couple times and I liked it. It's something for me to do and that's my dream."

And it’s not your average lemonade. Vincent makes everything from scratch. His best seller, he says, is the strawberry flavor!

The teen was given Claflin gear such as a hat and a thermos with the school’s name on it. 

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