USC employee indicted on corruption allegations released on bond

USC employee indicted on corruption allegations released on bond

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The State Grand Jury has indicted a University of South Carolina employee on charges that he used his office for financial gain.

Officials have charged Blake A. Langland, 48, with one count of use of official position or office for financial gain, three counts of receiving anything of value to influence the action of public employee, and one count of acceptance of rebates or extra compensation.

Langland was released on a $50,000 bond Wednesday.

The indictment alleges Langland used hundreds of thousands of dollars of university money to a company he controlled as a "supposed payment" for work that was already within the scope of his duties as a state employee and work separate from the university that benefited his own interests.

Langland is listed by the university as a project manager for the school's VTB and S3D electric ship projects.

USC released a brief statement on the matter, saying the school has cooperated fully with the Attorney General's office.

"Mr. Langland has been employed at the university since 2004, where he has served in a non-faculty research staff position. He is currently suspended without pay," the statement said.

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