'I've got him with a cord around his throat.' 911 call sheds light in 'justifiable homicide' of Midlands musician

'I've got him with a cord around his throat.' 911 call sheds light in 'justifiable homicide' of Midlands musician

CHAPIN, SC (WIS) - The 911 recording of popular Midlands musician Keith Dominick breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend has been released and details the minutes before, during, and after the victim struggled with him prior to his death.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said the victim called 911 twice as the incident unfolded.

"I have an ex-boyfriend at my address right now," the victim says to the operator in one of the calls, which begins around 10:51 p.m. "He will not leave. I've asked him repeatedly to leave. I can't do this anymore."

Sheriff's department investigators said Dominick, who was armed with a handgun, broke a window trying to enter the home and in doing so, severely cut his arm. Once inside and bleeding heavily, the couple struggled and the gun fell to the floor.

"Keith, will you leave me alone? Leave me alone," she says.

"Let me see your cut," she says. "I'm dyin'," Dominick appears to say.

"Keith, I just want to live my life," the victim says at one point. "I couldn't give you what you wanted. I couldn't."

Several minutes of inaudible arguing can be heard in the call.

During the struggle, the victim took a cord or cable of some sort and wrapped it around Dominick's neck.

About eleven minutes after the call begins, the victim gets back on the line and speaks directly to the 911 operator.

"Hello?" she says.

"Yes ma'am. Is everything okay?" the operator says.

"No. I've got him on the floor," she says. "I've got him strangled right now. I've got him with a cord around his throat. I'm pulling it as tight as I can. How much longer?"

"Yes, ma'am, okay the police will be there momentarily, ma'am," the operator says. "You say that you strangled him with a cord?"

"Yeah, I've still got it on his neck," she says.

"Yes, ma'am, the officers will be there momentarily," the operator says.

"Okay, they're here," she says as deputies arrived at the home. "Did you hear all of that?"

"Yes, ma'am," the operator says. "Okay, I stayed on the line. I tried to see if you were okay ma'am."

The Richland County coroner ruled Keith Dominick's death a "justifiable homicide," and said that his death was a result of a combination of blood loss and strangulation.

Dominick was the frontman for The Keith Dominick Band, a Newberry County-based rock and country band that was very popular in the Lake Murray community.

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