Deputy: Dramatic chase on Live PD was a response to shots fired call

Deputy: Dramatic chase on Live PD was a response to shots fired call

NEW YORK, NY (WIS) - The two Richland County deputies who responded to the dramatic chase that ended with the suspect's vehicle flipping and crashing with a child inside in Columbia said on A&E's "Live PD" Friday that deputies were initially responding to two separate calls.

Richland County Sheriff's deputies Chris Mastrianni and Kevin Lawrence were in New York at "Live PD" studios to discuss the chase that led to the arrest of Bryan Martin on June 8.

The deputies responded to two different calls - one call was for shots fired, and the other was a shot of a fight in progress at a party.

"Basically, I knew we had a major incident at the other location. So, when he takes off at a high rate of speed like that, we're trying to further gather what went on there," Mastrianni explained. "He's running for a reason. Nobody runs for no reason. Once we got to the point that the vehicle flipped over, my goal is to keep the scene contained."

Mastrianni said he wanted to get Martin contained as quickly as possible - but that changed when he saw the child. He said he was able to get the child away from Bryan's embrace and detain him.

Host Dan Abrams said the 2-year-old girl, who was initially in Martin's arms, said that she was taken by a 'Live PD' producer as Martin was being apprehended. On last week's episode, you can see the child was shown in Deputy Mastrianni's arms being looked after her. A shell casing was found in the car once it was turned over. There was no child seat in the vehicle.

Dispatch initially confirmed that deputies began pursuit of a male driver in the 1000 block of Furwood Circle and it ended at Main and Elmore following a 911 call made about "suspicious people" at a large party with possibly 200 people.

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The child sustained a broken arm as a result of the incident, but she was initially believed to be OKIt is unclear if the child was injured in the crash or in the following scuffle with Martin and Deputy Mastrianni. Her injury is still under investigation.

Martin was charged with child endangerment, marijuana possession, driving under suspension, reckless driving, failure to stop for blue lights and sirens, and resisting arrest. His bond was set at more than $100,000 on Sunday. He is still detained at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

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