Mystery on Mineral Springs Rd has drivers puzzled by shoe memorial

Mystery on Mineral Springs Rd has drivers puzzled by shoe memorial

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - A sole shoe placed on the side of Mineral Springs Road in Lexington has been getting a lot of attention lately.

It's the mystery on Mineral Springs Road. It appears to be some sort of shoe memorial, but no one knows who is behind it.

So, some of the drivers said they have come up with their own meaning for the display.

"Oh, my gosh, you have got to see this shoe it's been out here for like months," commuter Debbie Resendiz said.

Resendiz says she couldn't wait to ask her husband if he, too, had seen the mysterious shoe. At first, she thought it was some kind of mistake.

"We go by there every morning, the new traffic circle on Mineral Springs Road," Resendiz said. "For the longest time, I kept seeing this just black shoe tipped over on its side and it laid there like somebody had d ropped their shoe."

Soon after, she and her husband noticed something changed.

"And I went to point it out to him. It was a different shoe," Resendiz said. "It was like a combat boot and it had like a flag out of it. We were both like, 'what is that?'"

Resendiz says it's been happening now for the last year, changing by the week.

"Like Memorial Day, the combat boot would come back with a flag. Sometimes it's a black high heel, thigh high boot with flowers, beautiful flowers," Resendiz said. "It warms my heart, but also, I just want to know."

Eric Parnell drives past the display every Sunday on his way to church.

"Flowers are always a nice touch," Parnell said. "I think it's very strange because a new will appear just out of nowhere but nobody just knows where it's coming from or who's putting it here."

But Parnell is not so sure.

"I think knowing the story would be great, but leaving it as a mystery is also rather cool, too. It's a mystery," Parnell said. "Just one of those good old Southern mysteries, you know?"

Still, he says it's a nice touch.

"I think it's a good idea. You have that right to do what you feel for a loved one. Or, maybe it's just like a nice note," Parnell said. "Somebody just likes the way a boot looks in the middle of the road with flowers sticking out of it. It doesn't bother me. So, I think it's okay for anyone else."

"I just would like to know who's doing it. I know everybody really would like to know why and the story behind it because it's our community and we want to reach out. And I just think it's lovely, and maybe their story could be heard," Resendiz said.

It is still unclear exactly who is leaving the shoes there.

WIS reached out to Town of Lexington and Lexington County officials to see if they know anything about what seems to be some sort of memorial, but as for now, it remains a mystery.

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