The kings in Queen City for ACC Kickoff

The kings in Queen City for ACC Kickoff

CHARLOTTE, NC (WIS) - The national champions Clemson Tigers took the stage for the ACC Kickoff in Charlotte Thursday.

Players took selfies for Twitter and displayed hidden talents, like defensive lineman Christian Wilkins, who can guide an Oreo from his forehead into his mouth.

"You know I kinda wanted the taste the cookie, I've never eaten many cookies with my trainer, with my training diet and everything, but I really wanted that one," Wilkins said.

His other hidden talent is similar to his teammate Tyrone Crowder's: singing.

"I like R&B, I like to sing. Anything where they hit that high note, I try to match it. You gotta find that too and just match that note," Wilkins said.

"One of my hidden talents too, I sing a lot," said Crowder, an offensive guard. "I do a little Karaoke now and then . . . Just stay tuned. Album coming soon!"

The big question is will Clemson's new stars break through on the field this fall? Clemson has tremendous experience returning in the trenches.  However, the Tigers must replace more than 75 percent of their production on offense a year ago.

Head Coach Dabo Swinney is using that as motivation for his players.

"I love our roster," Swinney said. "I love the fact that you make a comment like that because that's fuel. That's that edge that some of those guys need. That's one of the things we do best. We develop our players. So when guys get their opportunity they're prepared."

And with the Tigers that are in the mix they'll be ready to go work to defend the crown.

"A lot of talent, we're definitely going to have to bring it every day, grind and work hard," Wilkins said.

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